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Image taken by: Paul Melo -

Image taken by: Paul Melo -

Never thought the day would arrive that I would be writing about maternity wear. So here it is in a nutshell - It's a few months of my life, so my thinking is - It's not necessary to spend a whole lot of money. Lucky for me, I'm the type that likes to stick to 4 basic colors in my wardrobe - Black, grey, white and blue denim. 

Firstly - Maternity stores, most unpleasant environments ever. Everything feels and looks "mumsy" and dated. There are a handful of larger chain companies that have small selections of maternity wear like Top Shop, H&M and Zara. Top Shop at The Hudson Bay has a decent selection however I was not fan of the fit of their jeans. On top of that, I was never able to find my size. Zara just started to offer maternity wear and their selection is very slim. 

First things first, I made a list of the things I needed:

- Couple pairs of stretchy full coverage skinny jeans.

- A pair for full coverage black leggings and some joggers.

- Handful of cotton shirts with room in the belly and longer fitting in the body (some tunic styles). 

- Couple dresses.

- Couple pairs of slides or mule type footwear. 

I online shop for most my stuff because I had a hard time finding things in stores. A tip on sizing - True maternity wear products have already incorporated the "fit" of the belly into their designs. So, when you are buying for yourself, you typically take your "non-pregnancy" size. If you were a 2 pre-pregnancy, you stick with a 2 in maternity wear. Unless you absolutely feel you need that extra room and comfort, go a half size up. 

After some searching, I found the best fitting jeans for only $55 each from Thyme Maternity. Naturally, I had to pick-up a couple of pairs. 

The best place to find great cotton, elastine mix tops is at ASOS! They have a huge selection at great prices. The only catch - It takes about 2 weeks to arrive, so plan accordingly. They also do not provide free returns. 

Although I had a difficult time finding good maternity stores here in Vancouver, I came across one in Toronto called Ani + Wren. I took full advantage of their Boxing Day sale this year and bought a great basic dress by Isabella Oliver. It is the perfect LBD during pregnancy and afterwards. 

So let's talk about footwear. I'm about 7 months along now and fortunately, my feet have only swelled a tad. However, I am sure they will get worst in the coming weeks. I've officially gone from heels to flats and now to sneakers. As my belly grows, I'm having a harder time slipping on certain shoes and of course doing up laces is a bitch - Velcro has become my best friend. Anything you can quickly slide on and off is key, and I suggest a slide or mule style footwear (FYI, uber trendy right now). I'm particularly in love with my Rachel Comey Mars mule that I got at one of my favourite little local stores, One of a Few.

2015-12-26 12.39.07.jpg

I hope this will help up some of you new "mommy's to be" on your search for maternity fashions! Keep it simple and comfortable. 


Love and Light, S.

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