LIFE | Houston, We Have Closure

LIFE | Houston, We Have Closure

It is unbelievable to me how quickly the months have flown by. It felt like just yesterday we announced our pregnancy and now... I just had my last day at work and I'm officially on maternity leave. Houston - We have closure. Well, not quite...Hubby and I went out for dinner to celebrate and I said to him, "I feel weird. It feels very weird that I couldn't close all my loops at work and I am feeling so many mixed emotions about this entire process". 

I think the mixed emotions come from my fear of the unknown...what my (our) life is going to look like for the next 12 months. Also, I was leaving a role I just started loving and leaving the company at a time where so many great corporate initiatives are taking place. All of this combined made me feel like I'll be missing out on a lot of stuff - #FOMO. 

Once I announced my pregnancy at work, I had this mental count down..."ok Sunny, 4 - 5 months to get your shit together". Since I accepted a new role, there were so many things I wanted to ensure that I implemented before my leave. Let me tell you - At the early stages of your pregnancy, you feel like you can go the whole way. By the time I finished the 2nd trimester (6 months), I was about ready to "give up". The 7 to 8 month mark and beyond - Is another doozy just like the first 3 months. So there is it is. Out of the the whole 9 months of pregnancy, you only get 3 ok to good months where you feel invincible and out of this world. 

At about 34 - 35 weeks, I made the call to set my last day at work on my 36 week. These past 2 weeks of work were painful, trying to close loops, pass things off, hit all my doctors appointments, all while trying to stay AWAKE, find a damn position that was comfortable for me to sit and to stand. I work in a large corporate office so getting up to go ANYWHERE (bathroom, cafeteria, meetings, up and down the stairs) was a chore. Everything felt miles away. My baby "dropped" during the 35 - 36 week and the pressure down there, the lower back aches, my achy hips...OMG - So let me try to explain...Feels like someone is pressing on your bladder every time you take a step and it also feels like someone punched me really really hard in my pelvic bone area. #WTF?

So now I've gone from being uncomfortable at work to being uncomfortable at home. (Insert faint and sarcastic - YAY). Now I have a few days to get ready for baby. Silver lining - The best part is, I now get to see my loving and supportive husband every day and I came home to a happy maternity leave "snack" package. THE BEST.


More to report in a few days! Thanks for following along.


xo - S

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