BEAUTY | My Current Beauty Round Up

BEAUTY | My Current Beauty Round Up


I've been needing some change and I didn't want to do anything too drastic to alter my current beauty regime. I know there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to beauty products (we can drown ourselves in all the product out there). I tend to try new things when the "need" comes up and for me and right about now, it's the post-pregnancy do-over phase. After having a baby, so many things about my skin and body changed, which meant making some adjustments to the products I use. Here's my current beauty round up:

1. Zo Medical Oilacleanse Cleanser - I've had to put some of my professional facial treatments on hold due to my pregnancy but I'm back seeing my main gal Rita from Pure Light Laser for photofacials and fractional treatments. I've changed up my cleanser based on Rita's recommendation and I'm really liking the Zo Medical Oilacleanse Cleanser for my normal to oily skin. My skin has been going through a lot of adjusting since giving birth (the raging hormones didn't help) and this clenser has really helped with some of the light acne I was expereincing. It's also not over-drying - I have an oily t-zone and I've found other products tend to dry out my cheeks too much. 


2. Davines Hair Product - I've been experiencing hair loss since 3 months postpartum and I've been doing EVERYTHING since to help my hair along. I've been told as long as I am still breastfeeding, there isn't much I can do. However, I am taking iron supplements since hair loss can be due to an iron deficiency (which I had while I was pregnant). A friend of mine read my plea about my hair loss and she recommended the Davines hair product line to assist with my problem. Lucky me, I do have new baby hairs that are growing in, so I am very thankful the hair is at least coming back.

The Davines Energizing Naturaltech line product has fragrant essential oils which help to combat hormone-related hair loss and hyper-production of sebum, which may be associated with it. I wash with the Energizing Shampoo, plus conditioner and then I apply and massage in a few drops of the Superactive Serum. 


3. Ilia Multi-Stick - This one item is a life saver. It's not called the "Multi-Stick" for nothing, because it multi-tasks for me all day and all night, 7 days a week. The one must have product in your make-up regime should has to be this magical stick. "At Last" is my favorite color and it works well with my skin tone. It's a lovely muted, dusty rose (also the name of Adam Lavigne's daughter, ha ha ha), made of organic ingredients with healing properties of Vitamin E and shea butter. I use this on my eyelids, cheeks and my lips. Seriously, it's the super all in one stick for a quick and easy natural look. 

4. Bioderma - As a new mom, I have to admit...I have days when I am simply too tired to take a shower, let alone wash my hair. This is why the Bioderma Sensibio water cleanser is a go to. For those days when I am too tired to get my ass to the sink and use my Zo Medical cleanser...I quickly take the Bioderma, splash some on a face pad and wipe, wipe done - Off to bed I go. It's a no-rinse formula, great for sensitive skin, even removes water-resistant make-up and it's fragrance and alcohol free. 

5. Di Morelli - Sometimes your face just needs a little pick me up. I've added a skin brightener to my skin routine to provide my skin that healthy glow. Di Morelli Brightener is an oil-free serum that uses lactic acid, azelaic acid and kojic acid to enhance, brighten and improve the texture of the skin. I do not use it every day, I do the every other day application because I find it a little oily for everyday use for my skin. But if you have normal to dry skin, everyday application for you would work great. 

6. Nerium Firming Cream - I've been fortunate that my post-pregnancy weight has been manageable. However, even though my "weight" is coming down, my body still does not have the "strength" I had pre-baby. I am a long ways away from firming up my flabby tummy. It's going to take a lot of exercises to get my body back into shape along with some healthy eating habits. In addition, there are some products to help with the tightening of my skin. I continue to use my oils, but I've also added a good firming cream. I've been using the Nerium Firming Cream around some of my problem areas like my tummy and thighs to help firm and tone for sleeker, more youthful-looking skin.

Wow, this is a fairly extensive list. If there are any favorites you have, I'd love to hear about them!



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