LIFE | 3rd Trimester Pregnancy  - 5 Things Worth Celebrating.

LIFE | 3rd Trimester Pregnancy - 5 Things Worth Celebrating.


I'm sitting here writing this post, 38 weeks along, what we call the final stretch in pregnancy. Any day now, our little precious bundle is to arrive. This last trimester has been more physically tough than emotionally tough. My "waddle" or my "pregnancy swag" as a girlfriend put it, has gotten worst. My belly is so huge, there is no comfortable way to sleep, sit or to walk for long lengths of time. 

Even though the last couple weeks have been rough, I am choosing to look on the bright side (at least trying to). I am still experiencing awful pregnancy symptoms like, heartburn, skin discolouration, lower back and pelvic pain...However there are a few small WINS I can celebrate during my last and final trimester of pregnancy. It's all about celebrating the little things:

1. Wearing my skinny jeans - Yup, you heard me right. I can still get myself into my Thyme Maternity skinny jeans! There comes a point near the end when all you are able to do is wear leggings, stretchy dresses and yoga pants. SO when you can still get yourself into a pair of maternity skinny jeans - This is a big fat WIN! Don't spend an arm and a leg on maternity jeans that will only last you a few months. Head over to where you can get the best Canadian coupons on maternity wear and save where you can!

2. I can still put on my socks and lace up sneakers on my own - Ok ok, sometimes I can't, but on most days I am still able to and this is most definitely a WIN. (I'm so very lucky that I'm heading into spring where footwear trends are moving towards slides and mules). Check out my next post about this trend.

3. I've stopped myself from punching a stranger, touching my belly - If I know you, I have no problem. I actually love it. I touch my belly all the time, I can not stop rubbing it and it's very soothing. But seriously, strangers? Even little kids understand boundaries more and ask me if they can touch my belly before doing so. To all you strangers, consider yourselves lucky, you get a pass. 

4. Getting through our baby celebration with over 30 + guests - It was a memorable day, spending time with loved ones. But it was very exhausting and I barely got the chance to sit down. At 37.5 weeks and when you don't get the chance to sit, it tests your endurance and man did my hips get  work out that day. I napped for 2 hours when everyone left! 

5. I have successfully washed all the new baby clothes and hand me downs, also sterilized all new bottles in prep for the little one. On top of all this, filled out and mailed all the registration forms for all the products for warranty and recall notices. Very lame paper work and it's all tedious and boring stuff to do but all very necessary. Done and done = big WIN! 

Just a few more days now...Just a few more days. Thanks for following along. 


xo S


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