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Image By: Paul Melo

Image By: Paul Melo

I remember clearly, the day we found out we were pregnant, the thoughts going through my mind..."Praying for a healthy baby, oh wondering if it will be a boy or girl, o-m-g we need to change our office into a nursery, damn it I'll need some maternity jeans and SHITBALLS...all the stuff we need to BUY for the baby!

So here's a secret...get over your ego and get as many things second hand or handed down to you. It's already an overwhelming process and all this stuff the stores tell you, YOU NEED, is BULLSHIT. Plus, you'll have no idea what your baby is going to like or dislike so all the stuff your friends suggest may not even work for you. You have to remember, you are in this for the long haul so don't blow your wad in the first year. According to on average, raising a child cost about $13,000 year. While the upfront cost can be high to start, there are definitely ways to save money and ways to be money smart. We saved a whole lot buying our furniture on sale from Best Buy Canada and we got our stroller off Craigslist for a whooping $150. 

I'm only 7 months into this motherhood thing but I can share with you the stuff that was uber important for us and the baby in the early stages. Ok, you'll need to cover the basic hardware of course: Stroller (like I said, we bought used), crib (we didn't use it much until after 3 months) and car seat (you absolutely need one and you DO NOT buy this second hand). To be quite frank, not everyone has the disposal income to splurge and the prettiness of the nursery really doesn't matter in the middle of the night while your baby is crying like a MOFO. All the fanciness you see on Pinterest and Instagram that all the bloggers post...Is just that - Pretty dressing (not all that functional at times) and 80% of it is not necessary (the 80/20 rule can apply here). So here you go from a first-time mom perspective that is not made of money... This is all you need for the first 6 months and I'll tell you why. Click on the image below for your full detailed list, " Shut Up I Love This Baby Essentials Check List" and you can save it and print it out for reference. 

I hope this helps!


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