LIFE | Take a Bow and a Seat 2015 - Hello 2016

   Photo by: Paul Melo,


Photo by: Paul Melo,

WOW WOW WOW is all I have to say about 2015. It was a year full of abundance on so many different levels and a year full of firsts and a lot of surprises. I've experienced loads of laughter paired with a lot of built up anxiety and stress but all I can say is this - It was a year of learning from a lot of challenge and change. (This also happens to be one of the values from my corporate life as well). 

Last year, I wrote out some "predictions" and I'm blown away by how many of my "predictions" have come true. Now I'm totally feeling the pressure on my new set of predictions for 2016. I feel like 2015 had a slow start,  but by the time April kicked in, my life was in hyper speed mode or beast mode I'd like to call it. 

Here's a brief re-cap:

1.  I was surprised with an out of this world trip to Baja to the most amazing unique winery resort. It was such a unique place and experience. (A blog post has yet to be written about it, but it will come in due time, I promise).

2. I got offered and accepted a new role at work and the transition and has been a challenging one but one that has enabled me to grow even more within my professional career. I feel like I just finished another 4 year university degree.

3. My now hubby and I, decided to elope in Portugal this year and we honeymooned in Paris. We got married in Lisbon and we drove up the coast to Porto and flew into Paris for a few days. It was the most magical moment and one I will never forget. 

4. When we returned from our trip, we moved from our down town apartment to a townhouse complex in a new neighbourhood. Yes, we had 6 days to pack and move when we returned from our 2 week trip - It was a very CRAZY week for us. A 2 week relaxing trip was UNDONE in one big move!

5. Now for the biggest surprise - We got pregnant and are expecting our first baby BOY. I am scared, excited, worried, elated and SO happy - My heart is completely bursting with a bunch of mixed emotions. 

I can not even begin to express the gratitude I feel and I'm anxious to know what 2016 is going to bring us. 2015 was a pure example of how many things can change in only 365 days. SO with all that said, I have a new list of "PREDICTIONS" for 2016 with some that carry over from my 2015 list. 

Click on image to enlarge. 

Happy 2016 to all. Here's to another year and learning from challenge and change. MOTTO for 2016: Nothing ever stays the same. Keep that in your back pocket when you are going through a tough time. 


Much love, 

S x



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