HAPPY NEW YEAR | A Brand New Year, Take a Seat 2013.

2013, you brought me the year of unemployment. I lost my job of almost 7 years, although in hindsight I see it now as more of a blessing. However the time leading up to this point and also during unemployment, it created a whole lot of stress in my life. The uncertainty of what I was to do next made my anxiety levels go out of control. I hand no idea what I wanted to do and this was not ok with me. On the flip side of losing my job 2013, you provided me with some time off, to decompress, to gather my thoughts, to have some time alone with my own thoughts and work on some passion projects. I started up my own online business which has been a great creative outlet for me (talk about a major learning curve). Even though I feared failure and the idea of debt just made my skin crawl, I'm proud that I went ahead with the business and I've been  blessed with some really great support. Also, with this new found "free time", I got involved with a kids project with some cool people (currently at a hard stop) but looking forward to continuing our quest of discovery of what it would be like if "Kids Ruled The World" in 2014.   

2013, you added another year to my age. I turned 37 years old and we'll leave it at that, as I have my own issues about aging and I'm not about to get into it at this point in time. This will require another post, perhaps later in the new year. 2013, you got me to step out of my comfort zone and I took a part time teaching  job at a local fashion institution. I learned a lot about my self while teaching and the positive feedback from students and peers kept me  motivated. Here's a big one: Since I've had to manage my finances more tightly these past few months, it's tested my shopping addiction. I was like an addict getting off drugs. 2013, you've taught me how to live with much less and for this I am grateful and I'm a much happier person today.


2013, you brought me more connection to the people I care about and I thank you. I feel every year I get closer and closer to my parents, especially my father. I feel like we lost many years when I was on my 20's and we're just all playing catch up now. Also, I took advantage of the time I had to catch up and spend time with friends and members of my community that I never get to see during the day! 2013, you brought me three great sunshine filled, food comatose trips to Seattle, Los Angles and Palm Springs. Although I didn't get to travel far this year past year, I enjoyed every single moment of these short getaways. 2013, you made me an Auntie to 5 babies this year and to watch my friends grow into their new roles as parents has been delightful.  


Above all - 2013, you gave me the most spectacular ending to a rocky year. You gave me the greatest gift of all: A marriage proposal from the love of my life (on his 40th birthday). You set sail on some rocky waters early in the year but finally found your balance and came through.


I learned a very valuable lesson this year and that lesson is this: DO NOT FOREBODE JOY! Celebrate the smallest of wins, and lean into the JOY no matter how big or small full heartedly. 2013, take a bow and take a seat as your work is done here.


So what's up for 2014? More of the same:


1. A new career path. Looking forward to diving into something completely different and something personally and professionally challenging.

2. A new home. Find a new place to call home and make a "home".

3. New projects. I love stationary and have always loved handwritten notes and prints and have always wanted to create my own. So it will be done this year.

4. Plan a wedding. Dreaming of a country side destination in Italy.

5. Travel. An Asia and/or Europe is on the horizon.

6. Read more books. I have so many books I buy and have never read. Shame on me.

7. "Kids rule the world" project. Got involved with something last year (with some stellar people) and ran into a hard stop and need to see it through to the end.

8. Take more naps and drink more water. This is non-negotiable.

9. Take more pictures. I use to love taking pictures with my camera. I don't even own one now. I'd like to get back into it.

10. Start asking for peoples names and also start remembering them.

11. Continue with my new found "live with less" lifestyle. It's made me a much happier person over all.

You better show up to #werk 2014!


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Love & Light, Sunny


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