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I'm not sure what it is but as I get older, I find myself becoming more drown to very basic things. The simpler the better. I've spent a large part of my life acquiring, buying, consuming abundance and then all of a sudden I woke up one day with an intense urge to purge, minimize, and simplify. That's me in nutshell this past year. I look back at some of my most recent purchases and they have been solid colored t-shirts and button ups. For some, this may seem boring but to me, it signifies a clean fresh palette. Owning a fashion accessories store also has it's benefits because I have a plethora of items to accessorize my "plain"  and simple looks.

Shut Up I Love This Basics
Shut Up I Love This Basics

1. Basic Grey V-Neck T-Shirt from Kit and Ace, $78 - Lululemon founder's wife and son have paired up to launch a new brand called Kit and Ace. What they about: They do Technical Cashmere™ - part cotton, part cashmere, part elastin , easy to care for and super soft.

2. Blue Button Up Oxford Shirt from Uniqlo, $20 - $30 - The color blue has been such a key color this year and it will continue for SS 2015. Oxfords are one of my favourites because of the slightly heavier basket weave fabrication and slender collar which makes for a more feminine look.

3. Black Scoop Neck T-Shirt with Rolled Sleeves from Zara, $17.90 - I prefer my tees loose, that way I can wear them hung or tucked in. I picked up this tee in all the colors and the rolled sleeve is a nice detail on a basic scoop neck.

4. Light Weight White Cotton Button Up from Everlane, $58 - If there is one company that does basic well, it's Everlane - A radically transparent online retail company based in San Fran. I admire this company so much. See below for an example:

Shut Up I Love This Everlane Pricing Model
Shut Up I Love This Everlane Pricing Model

So who's with me? It's all about getting back to basics and simplifying your life. You can start with your clothes.

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