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As a curator I constantly have eyes on so many different things and I've been looking for something that embodies spirituality.  

What are Mala beads: These beads are for those that are seeking a calmer mind, body, and spirit while promoting peace and well being. The Mala jewelry line is all handmade  by professional mala makers in Bali and every bead used represents a different type of energy.

All Mala jewelry are made of Rudraksha beads, pronounced “Rud-ruck-sha” and are actually seeds that grow inside of what looks like a blueberry. They are sustainably harvested, fairly traded, and ethically produced. The name Rudraksha stems from Hindu mythology and means “the eyes of Shiva.” The beads vary in size, from 3 mm to 40 mm, with the smaller beads being the rarest.

For myself, I wear the "Molton Lava" bracelet - The stone was used by American Indians when entering battle for its qualities of strength and clarity. It’s believed to provide strength (physical and mental) when facing difficult situations.


Mala Imports have kindly donated a "Turquoise Mala Bracelet" to give away to an inspiring individual. The stone is known to strengthen the whole body, promote the absorption of nutrients, tissue regeneration, and circulation. It’s also known to protect from harmful environmental pollutants and poisons. It is believed to save the wearer from problems on a journey or adventure. It is also believed to destroy hatred and increase love.


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I'd really like to hear what you like about the the Mala Import collection, so please leave me a comment. It will also count as an entry for the Turquoise Mala Bracelet. Contest closes October 30, 2012 and winner will be drawn on October 31, 2012.

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