GIFT GUIDE | For Anyone You Call "Mom"

Mother's Day is around the corner (literally this weekend). I apologize for the last minute post, but I just wanted to keep you on your toes. Nothing is better than some last minute speed shopping to get the heart pumping. For those who are not as organized and need some ideas, I've listed some last minute gift ideas for whoever you call "Mom".  

1. If she loves jewelry she'll love the Lisbeth amazonite tear drop stone necklace. The color of the stone is reminiscent of a bright turquoise ocean. This 14K gold fill necklace features a 30mm amazonite bezeled teardrop pendant charm and a gold hammered ring. $92 -


2. We all need to sleep and you can never go wrong with pyjama bottoms. The "Eloise" cotton PJ's are especially fabulous in floral and trimmed with an aweomse tassle rope tie. $48 -


3. This is the ultimate "365 days of the year" handbag and it will become her new favorite new essential. Made in leather the black and neutral color block satchel would be a great addition to her current wardrobe. $378 -


4. If a card is all you can afford, then make it a funny one. She's always been there for you so it's about time you're there for her too. $4.12 - HowAwCard,


5. We can not leave out the mom's to be. The Zoe Organics pregnancy gift set is great for the mom's to be and brand new mom's. It contains 4 of their most popular organic pregnancy essentials and a set of organic, reusable nursing pads nestled in a beautiful canvas bucket. $85 -


6. Aruhndara is a brand based out of Thailand and you can now buy it here in Canada. My favourite scent is the Eastern Treat hand lotion and this particular lotion is certified organic with scents of  jasmine, rice and mint. Probably the loveliest smelling hand lotion I've ever tried. $30 -


7. Linden Bath Oil would be the best compliment to that nice relaxing bath she's going to take this weekend. It's got essential oils with Coco Butter and Bee Balm and infused with healing Chamomile and Ginseng. $39 -


8. If you're mom is a tea lover, this would be the ultimate gift for her. I love the sleek desgin of the MENU Glass Kettle Tea Pot. The design is a fusion between the Asian zen philosophy and modern Scandinavian architecture. $69.99 -


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With Love, Sunny


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