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Self Portrait By: Sherry Lu

Self Portrait By: Sherry Lu

We see each other quite often, either at an event, out walking our dogs or just strolling in the neighborhood. I finally got the chance to asking Anya for an "Industry Insider". Thanks again for taking the time on these questions!  

Who: I wear many hats - Vancouver correspondent, FLARE; beauty editor,; blogger,

What you do: Most of my days basically consist of writing and research, although I occasionally spend two hours testing various nail polishes, lipsticks, masks, and whatever else lands on my desk. It's a tough job, but, hey, someone's got to do it.

Where your favorite spots are: I travel a lot and love every minute of it, but some places just feel like home. It's hard to explain; it's about the feeling. I love San Francisco's hills, Paris's Montmartre neighbourhood (pictured), Barcelona blocks, the old town of Dubrovnik, Vancouver's seawall, and the air of the Okanagan wine country.

Trends FOR you and NOT for you: I've lived by the "never say never" motto but over the years I've discovered what works for me, and what doesn't. I love the clean lines found with labels like Céline and Jil Sander, but that doesn't mean that I won't try whatever crazy thing Rei Kawakubo is doing with Comme des Garçons.

For fall, I'll be looking to add more dramatic volumes, inspired by Lanvin's peplums and Celine's oversized coats. I'll be avoiding Marc Jacobs' chunky pilgrim shoes and anything that resembles them (my feet are already a size 9 - no need to make them look humongous!).

What are some of your favorite things:

1) My dog Bun (not just a thing, obviously);

2) My espresso machine (life-changing);

3) My silver pouch bag from the turn of the century -- it was passed through four generations of women in my family; and

4) Whatever I purchased last.

Tell us one interesting fact about you: I know every plotline to every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. And I own Star Trek-themed Barbie and Ken dolls.

*Lanvin & Marc Jacobs images from, other images by Anya.

With Love, Sunny

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