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Brittany Law, Editor-in-Chief, Style Republic Magazine {}

Style Republic Magazine
Style Republic Magazine


Such a broad question! A little bit of everything I suppose. I founded Style Republic Magazine in 2008, and have been conducting "editorial duties" ever since. Fashion week, interviews, orchestrating features/collaborations, and the inevitable coffee break make up my overall job description :)


New York City and all of its great restaurants (La Esquina in particular), Montreal (I miss it all of the time), Vancouver (home sweet home), and though I've never been, I feel like I need to put Italy on this list!


Trends FOR you and NOT for you:

I'm a MAJOR advocate of over-the-knee boots. Such a fan. I'll NEVER be able to get on board with the whole women wearing leggings as pants thing. Under a dress? Great. As a replacement for jeans? No.

What are some of your favorite things:

Love to play the piano, I have a (now unrealistic) crush on Anderson Cooper, I'm obsessed with fall-scented candles (from Pier 1 Imports, to be specific), cashmere sweaters, and I'll never say no to cheesecake (strawberry).


Tell us one interesting fact about you:

I'm frighteningly good at Call of Duty (Black Ops). Seriously. Not sure if I should be proud of that yet...


Thank you Brittany for taking the time out to answer our questions.

xo, S

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