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I've always had problematic skin and I spent too much time in the sun with no protection and I've learned that there are no quick fixes. However, with a little bit of guidance and professional support, the journey of finding harmony with my skin has been made easier. That person for me is Rita Moldavanos from Pure Light Laser. She's been nothing but supportive and she's also very informative on all things about skincare. From IPL treatments to microdermabrasion, she'll find the right mix of treatments well suited for you and your skin. I wanted to have this opportunity to ask her a few more questions so we can all get to know her a bit better:

Q: How long have you been in the industry of skin care and cosmetic laser?

A: I started in the industry when I was 18 years old. My mom was a skin care specialist and when I told her I wanted to be a police officer she smiled and put me into esthetics. I am truly happy she did that because I embraced the skincare field and truly love it today. That was 22 years ago .

Q: What do most of your clients come to you for ?

A: I have a large number of clientele for acne and scar revision and love seeing their skin transform. It is truly rewarding. I was one of the first laser techs in Vancouver. Many do come to me for laser hair removal because a friend has referred them to me but more and more people are coming in for smoother clearer skin.

Q: What are the top myths about skin care ?


Myth #1 - Moisturizer removes dryness . Fact: It can at times make it worse or just mask it. Exfoliating is the key to removing dryness.

Myth #2 - The more expensive the skin care product the better it is. Actually price has nothing to do with the quality of product. At times you can be paying a lot of money for low quality ingredients and may be paying higher prices for the advertising and the packaging. There is a company out there I won't mention, states that the ingredient in the product is mainly aloe vera and they charge over $80 a bottle. That is very expensive because aloe vera should cost more like $13 . Always look at the ingredients and see where it is on the ingredient list to make sure you actually are getting your moneys worth.

Myth #3 - If your skin is sensitive you should not put anything active on it (active ingredient). Fact: Actually if your skin is sensitive it is usually a symptom of something else that is going on. It can be dryness that needs to be exfoliated. By babying your skin you can actually make the symptoms worse. Work your active ingredient in slowly like Vitamin C serum or a low percentage glycolic and work your way up with the exfoliation. It actually is the best way to lift off sensitivity.

Myth #4 -  Old scars can not be treated. Fact: Does not matter how old a scar is; most scars can be treated very successfully.

Myth #5 - Getting a peel on your skin at a clinic can leave your skin very red for days. Fact: Most times people are only red for a few hours to two days and the redness subsides within 24 hours so the redness is truly not bad and could be covered with a little bit of makeup.

Myth #6 - All laser machines are pretty much the same and give the same result. Fact: Medical grade lasers will give you the best results and the experience of the person running the laser. Many lasers out there come from overseas and are not FDA approved or tested . You have to do your research and always make sure to research the laser and the person who is running it.


Top 5 Tips For Healthier Glowing Skin:

1. Drink lots of water,

2. Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate,

3. Get plenty of sleep,

4. Eat healthy,

5. Use an anti-oxidant like a vitamin A and C topically.


Q: Why do you do the kind of work you do?

A: I truly care for my clientele. They are amazing and after awhile they do become like family. I love seeing them smile after I've helped them reach their goal. Some of my clients I have been seeing me for 20 years. They come in for microdermabrasions to exfoliate their skin, we chat about life and catch up. It is actually the best job in the world. It is like visiting with so many different varieties of people and I get to help them and I enjoy their company as well.

Q: What is your favorite skin care product?

A: 10% night cream by Pro-derm. It is one of my favorite creams that I discovered 8 months ago. It truly brightens up your skin over night and smells extremely yummy.


Thank you Rita for answering all my questions and for being there me me! If you have any other questions or would like to book a consultation, you can contact Rita directly.

Unit# 606 – 777 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Z 4J7 ph: 604.568.8041 fax: 604.568.8042 [View Map ]

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