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I've been waiting all year to wear this dress. I purchased it from BCBG last year during their summer clearance sale. It was tucked away at the back of the store and I lucked out that they still had my size, SHOCKING! I remember when I bought it the weather was just turning cold and I was not sure if this was going to be a good purchase. Now, I am so glad that I pulled the trigger.  

Yah I know, it looks like a tent (a trapeze silhouette) as we fashion people like to call it and not everyone can pull this shape off. But let me tell you, it's the best beach and hot weather silhouette because it's "airy". I personally don't like my clothes sticking to me in 30 + degree heat. The details are spot on with the multi-color geo-pattern and the sharp knife pleats. The low back detail is a nice surprise and keeps the dress looking sexy.

PartlySunny Paul Melo Photography BCBG Dress
PartlySunny Paul Melo Photography BCBG Dress

Photos By: Paul Melo {}, Dress {BCBG}, Shoes {Zara}, Ring {Blee Inara from}

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