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What do you get when you pair up Sima Kumar (Creative Director, Fashion Stylist and Yogi Professional) and Kristin Kreuk (Canadian Actress and Producer)? You get "New Culture Revolution" - A website comprised of tumbles, shares and personal writings of the duo, focusing on their passion for living a healthy lifestyle via yoga, travel, spirituality, nutrition, art, fashion, film, personal growth, philanthropy and friendship. Here's a rapid fire Q & A with the ladies of NCR, Sima Kumer and Kristin Kreuk. I find the differences in their personalities just hilarious!  

Shut Up I Love This NCR Kristin Sima
Shut Up I Love This NCR Kristin Sima


Pet Peeves?

K: Lying.

S: Unmade beds & grown ups that have a duvet but no duvet cover.

Likes and Loves?

K: Black liquorice, kindness, and authenticity.

S: Likes - Chocolate, papaya, and cashmere. Loves - The sound of children laughing on a playground. Genuine caring (it’s so rare these days) England.

Guilty pleasure?

K: Binge watching TV series.

S; The Bachelor TV show, Instagram, peanut M&M’s from hotel mini bar (it’s robbery)!

Unicorns or Mermaids?

K: Mermaids.

S: I’m a sea creature so definitely Mermaids.

What hours are you most productive?

K: Morning time to Noon.

S: Midnight to 3:30 am.

For your very last meal, what would it consist of?

K: Spaghetti and meat sauce. Odd, considering I don't eat meat.

S: My last meal I would love to have each member of my family: parents, siblings, sisters in law, nieces & nephews and my love. A beautiful chandelier overhead, candles and flowers on a long market style table. Amazing soundtrack, wine, Indian beer, sparkling water, laughter, and a genuine witnessing & sharing of each other while eating a northern Indian meal of chicken curry, vegetables, fragrant saffron rice, paper thin rotis, no baggage, no drama just a meeting of heartbeats that are linked in an exclusive and unique way. Ending with hot chai and a food coma sleep (over) on Indian cushions on the floor with a breeze blowing through the room. (Basically the Indian version of the Last Supper).

What would you put in a time capsule (not to be opened for another 100 years)?

K: A letter with some rambling thoughts (cuz that will be of immense value), Anne of Green Gables and a few other books, music and also direct them to the Voyager Golden Record. And perhaps toe nail clippings. Okay, that last part isn't true.

S: The shell my parents brought with them to Canada from Fiji, all my passports to let someone know I travelled far & often, Love Letters from my most epic love affair, a photo of my Nani, red lipstick, Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart & Mazzy Stars Fade Into You, the fin off of a surfboard, amber oil, an Archie comic and the Patanjali yoga Sutras.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

K: Lynx – for the cute ears.

S: A shark. To campaign against being such a misunderstood creature and so feared by humans. I’d bump up against them & help them catch a wave vs. take a chunk out of them.

Name a movie/film that made an impact on your life.

K: Amelie.

S: Schindlers List and Dead Man Walking. Both movies immensely penetrated my judgment of what it meant to be a“bad person”. The performances by the ‘villains” Ralph Fiennes and Sean Penn inspired such compassion and I felt a genuine ‘like’ for their characters. Those movies made me more human by helping me see how I vilify people.

What is the one thing you wish you were able to do (one talent you don't have right now of course)!!

K: Paint.

S: I wish I were a Formula One driver in the spirit of Ayrton Senna. To go that fast in a meditative state in such a skillful manner would be mind blowing.

Thanks to the lovely duo for taking the time to answer my rapid fire questions. Keep on inspiring and doing what you're doing.


xo, Sunny

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