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Sweatshirts have not been in the spot light since the 80's. The movie Flash Dance made the off the shoulder grey sweatshirt a house hold item in every teenage girl's closet. I grew up in a decade where branded logo sweatshirts reign supreme. I had every color of sweatshirt by "Au Coton", including their logo canvas tote, and their leg warmers, harem cotton pants and leggings in an array of assorted colors. (I'd have to say I never went as far as the head band, I was more of a scrunchie kind of girl). Do you remember the Club Monaco logo sweatshirt? Man I wish I would have saved all mine! They've become cult classics!  

Shut Up I Love This Au Coton
Shut Up I Love This Au Coton
Shut Up I Love This Club Monaco Logo Sweatshirt
Shut Up I Love This Club Monaco Logo Sweatshirt

Now, the sweatshirt has taken new form. Quotes and patterned graphics ,(geometric and other sorts) silk screened on the front seem to be a popular choice, as well new treatments like lace and jacquard overlays. (Note, they have also gotten more expensive, yikes). Call me old school but I don't think a  sweatshirt needs to be more than $50. I now kinda of wish I had saved all my old Club Monaco sweatshirts but since I didn't, I have a few suggestions of replacement sweatshirts.

1. Joie De Vivre Sweatshirt from - $125

2. Vinyl Jacquard Sweatshirt from Top Shop - Approximately $115

3. Wood Wood, Bloat Distress Men's Sweatshirt from Totokaelo - $238

4. Blogger Amiee Song did a special collab for, "Do Epic Chic" Sweatshirt - $75

5. Wildfox Sparkle Heart Sweatshirt from ASOS - Approximately $1195

6.  Neil Barrett Leather Trim Sweatshirt from Net-a-Porter - Sale $852

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